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July, 2011


My name is Reneboy Eramis. I am now 30 years old.  It may be difficult for you to understand why I graduated my elementary education at Maningcol Elementary School last March only.

Before, I lived in Bonifacio, Misamis Occidental. I lived up in the mountain in one of the villages there. My Father, Lumer, was an alcoholic. So was my mother, Bering. Because they drank all the time, I was born with deformities in my right hip and leg. That deformity has never allowed me to walk or to stand up straight and tall.

My father was killed one day when he got drunk and got into a fight. My mother then married another alcoholic and he enjoyed beating me up when he was drunk. When I got old enough, I escaped from them and came down to Ozamiz City.

I am very fortunate that Lolo Father Kill saved me from life on the street and accepted me into Balay San Columbano. My friend from the street, Dodong, asked Lolo Kill to accept me here. I am very happy that he did that. Poor Dodong died last March 2009 because of bleeding in his head caused by hemophilia.

I am very happy that people help Lolo Kill to help us. I know sometimes he has to even borrow money to feed us and take care of us. Sometimes we do not even have money enough to take our lunch to school. But even when this happens, it is still better than the life I had before up in the mountain or on the street here in Ozamiz City. Thank you very much for helping us.


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