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My name is Archel Centino. My friends call me Duk Duk. I am 19 Years of age.  I am now in the 3rd  year of my college education at Misamis University in Ozamiz City. My course is Bachelor of Science in Nursing. It will take me 2 more years to finish my course.

I now live at Balay San Columbano in Ozamiz City. I am very fortunate that I was recommended to Lolo Father Kill and was accepted into the program at Balay San Columbano. Before I lived in Josefina, Zamboanga del Sur. My father Celestino works as a farmer. My mother has a small store where she sells used clothing, shoes and other things that are more affordable to the people. Between the two incomes, my parents are able to feed us and clothe us and even to send us to High School. We are 8 children in our family.

My oldest brother is in the Franciscan Seminary. My older Sister is still in College. Mom and Dad pay part of her tuition and the rest is from a scholarship. They just do not make enough to give us a better education. Because they have known Lolo Kill for many years, they asked him to help us with our college education. We are very happy that he has accepted us into this program

I thank God each day for all of those who are helping Lolo to care for us. Without you we would have no hope, no place to live, no schooling. We pray for all who have been so good to us..

I have an e-mail address if you would like to write to me. My address is

God Bless You,


Duk Duk

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