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This Web Page was created as a service to the current and prospective donors, supporters and benefactors of Balay San Columbano Foundation.

The purpose of the Foundation is to provide safe shelter, food, clothing and education to needy young people who come from a variety of family backgrounds. Some of the young people have been rescued off the street, some from abusive alcoholic homes. Others come from desperately poor families. This Web Site provides you with a short life history of each young person now enrolled in the Balay San Columbano along with a picture of that young person.

Our hope in setting up this Web Page is two fold. First, we hope to encourage groups and individuals to do what they can to help needy young people in their own area . Perhaps you do not have the facilities or funds to do things the way we do, but perhaps, also, you could save one child, one young person from the hopeless life into which they were born.

Our second goal is to make more and more people aware of the need of young people here in our area where poverty, violence drugs and alcohol threaten so many of our young people. Your support of our work will give a brighter future not only to the individuals who are the recipients of your generosity, but will also give a glimmer of hope for the future of our world as a whole.

As you browse through the files and read the stories of the individual young person you will get to know them and the situation they have faced in life. Soon, we hope to begin the project of sharing the success stories of many of the former residents and recipients of scholarships from Balay San Columbano. You can also read a short life of the Saint who is our patron, Saint Columban and learn how his work inspired much of Europe at the close of the Dark Ages.

We will also be preparing a “Celebration Page” where we will document special events in the life of Balay San Columbano residents, such as Birthdays, The feast of our Patron, Christmas, and Graduation Days.

Come back often.    

Rev. Donald H. Kill
Saint Columban Missionary

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